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  1. Jan Groot says:

    Hi Micah,

    I find it hard to discover what zeolite products are of good quality in the Netherlands.
    Do you have any idea where I can get good quality zeolite products here.
    At this moment I use ZeoForce capsules.
    They seem to be a quality product.
    Now I am considering to buy the powder.
    Do you know if this is a good product?

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

    Kind regards,
    Jan Groot

    • Zeolite Expert says:

      Hi Jan,

      The government in the Netherlands won’t allow distributors to sell zeolite there anymore, so we no longer have any distributors there. I cannot speak of the purity the product in the link you posted because i know nothing of about the company. I can tell you that most companies do not invest the time and money, which we do, into their zeolite, meaning it’s not cleaned, micronized, and is usually commercial grade (very low puirty). You can purchase zeolite supplements through our website or You many also want to try seventh wave supplements in the UK if you are looking to buy the Zeolite Pure powder.

  2. Benjamin Kost says:

    Hi Micah. I remember I contacted you asking questions about the liquid zeolite a couple years ago, and you answered my questions really well and seemed really knowledgeable. I don’t know why there seems to be so much controversy over zeolite, but recently Mike Adams of Natural News recently posted an article where he claims that zeolite actually releases heavy metals into the body rather than removing them. He claims that zeolite has these heavy metals in them already and releases them into the body.

    He came to this conclusion by performing his own indpendent experiment using an ICP-MS spectral analysis machine to analyze the efficacy of various substances for removing metals from stomach acid. Here is a description of the process from his website:

    “This process begins with placing the test substance into gastric acid that’s almost identical to human gastric acid found in the stomach. The gastric acid solution is then spiked with a known concentration and quantity of selected heavy metals in aqueous form.

    From there, the substance is gently rocked for several hours to simulate the churning of the stomach. During this process, some test substances will ABSORB toxic elements (or adsorb, in the case of zeolites), while others will EMIT toxic elements.”

    It should be noted that one of the products Mike tested is in fact Zeolitepure, your product.

    So, I think Mike is honest, but I have a couple concerns about his methodology. First of all, the ICP-MS machine completely destroys all chemical structures and reduces them to elements. Supposing he put zeolite through there with heavy metals trapped in it, wouldn’t it just break the zeolite structure and release all the heavy metals in it?

    Then, if you mixed zeolite with stomach acid and heavy metals then analyzed the mixture using ICP-MS, wouldn’t all the heavy metals that were in the zeolite be released and skew those results?

    In yet another article, Mike criticizes a study where subjects were given zeolite orally and the heavy metals eliminated via the urinary tract are analyzed. He says that the additional metals found in the urine are a result of the increased metal intake from the zeolite.

    I actually have a problem with both his conclusion and the conclusion of study that he cited which can be found here:

    Based on what I know about zeolite, it works by trapping heavy metals, which are normally hard for the body to eliminate. The zeolite is then easier to eliminate making it also easier to eliminate the trapped metals as well. Do I have this correct?

    If this is true, then neither of those studies make any sense. Shouldn’t they be testing for zeolite in their urine, not heavy metals? If zeolite is easy to eliminate, then there should be zeolite in the urine, not just heavy metals. If the zeolite breaks down at any point in the body, then I fail to see how it effectively removes heavy metals at all. Once the heavy metals are released from zeolite in the body, then they should be just as hard to eliminate as ever. That being the case, zeolite would only work if it passed through the body retaining its structure and chemical properties. Am I correct about this?

    Since I have vague knowledge about the process, I can’t be certain that what I am saying is correct or that Mike is wrong. So, I wanted to ask you a few questions about how zeolite works.

    1. Does zeolite get broken down by the body, or is it eliminated with the chemical structure still in tact?

    2. How is zeolite mainly eliminated from the body? (If I had to take a guess, I would say intestinal tract, not urinary).

    3. Can gastric acid destroy zeolite?

    4. Are there any studies that analyze how zeolite is eliminated from the body?

    5. Are there any studies showing results for zeolite detox that have better methodologies than the one which Mike Adams is picking on?

    I think Mike is a good, honest guy. He may just be confused here. If he is, then someone should correct him. I think with convincing enough proof that he is wrong, he might back off from his claim.

    If you think he is wrong about his claim and have evidence to support that, then you ought to consider contacting him and having a debate about it, especially since your product is involved. He is also more likely to listen to you since you are an expert in the industry. I only ask that you try to debate the matter with him rather than filing a lawsuit. He may be wrong about this, but the guy is genuinely just trying to look out for the public interest, which I admire. He does good work analyzing various foods on the market for heavy metal content and posting the numbers in the public interest with his little lab. I am also a big believer in the fact that people are entitled to their opinions even if they are wrong. So, I think he deserves to be debated rather than sued. He claims that people are already filing lawsuits against him over this. Even if he is wrong, I don’t agree with that. The courts don’t know anything about science anyway, so their opinion on the matter is worthless. As a consumer of health products, I would highly prefer that this be settled with science rather than law.

    I have been reading and following Mike Adams for some years now, and I think he is an upstanding guy. If he can be proven wrong, I’ve no doubt he would post a retraction of what he said to fix any market losses he may have caused with inaccurate information and we could just leave the courts out of this.

    Thank you for your response,

    Benjamin Kost

    • Zeolite Expert says:

      Hi Benjamin,

      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I did not get a notification of your comment. Mike Adams is creating panic and purposely spreading misinformation about zeolite in order to sell his detox own products, along with his friend’s products he’s getting a cut of. Mike Adams is NOT an honest guy because he used to call here and discuss zeolite with me all the time and knows for a fact that it is a safe and effective supplement. He is a salesman and has the perfect vehicle (Natural News) to create a audience for his products. Please call the office to further discuss any information you have questions about. WE are here weekdays 9am-6pm Eastern. 845-353-5185

  3. Susan says:

    Hello Micah!

    I am suffering from severe mold sickness. I have had it for a little over 10 years. My dr is a patient himself and board certified internal and holistic medicine. He is also treating me for chronic lyme. He has me taking BioPure Zeolite twice a day along with other supplements. I have been in treatment for about two years and only getting worse. I don’t know what to do. I know he is competent in his field, but I don’t respond to anything. He hasn’t put me on chlorestyramine yet either. I want to know more about the Zeolite. I don’t know if I am taking enough. His directions are once scoop, twice a day on empty stomach. But how much water? I have not seen any improvement and now my stomach is bloated and I am in pain. He told me it was not the zeolite but mold in my gut. I want very badly to get better, not just for me, but I am also a caregiver. I am responsible for my 89 yr old dad. Only I can help him. However, I am so sick most of the time, I can’t do my job well. I would llke to know your thoughts and thank you for your time. Best, Susan

    • Zeolite Expert says:

      Hi Susan,

      I am not doctor, so I cannot advice you medically. The most I could suggest to you is to take the Zeolite Pure twice a day to help you detox and balance your pH, which will create a healthy environment in your body and make it difficult for mold to grow. I have never heard of BioPure Zeolite. Most zeolite supplements are not processed, meaning not cleaned and micronized, and are often commercial grade (low purity) zeolite, so you need to be careful of this when choosing a zeolite supplement. I wish you the best in getting healthy.

  4. jay cowley says:

    Read your site with interest.

    Recently did cilantro .chlorella smoothie detox,with bad effects..BP was spiking very high.

    So..ordered zeolite to try,just got clinoptilolite from.Heiltropfen[german] who get their zeolite from Norway, micronized it to 20 um,say it’s 90% activated and is natural vs pharma grade.

    After reading your site,I am worried….will buy from you in the future.Should I consume my present zeolite,or dump it?



    • Zeolite Expert says:

      Hi Jay,

      I am not familiar with the zeolite brand you are taking. I know that virtually no company but ours properly cleans or micronizes zeolite. All competing brands we have tested have extremely low purity to begin with and should not be ingested. There is no such thing as activated zeolite. That phrase is a marketing gimmick to try to grab your attention and make you think their zeolite is better than others. There is activated charcoal, wherein charcoal is made more porous to help absorb more toxins. Zeolite is naturally as porous as it can be, and there is no process to make it further porous. Based on the fact alone that this company is making up information to market to you, I would not trust any product they make. Also, saying it’s “natural” and not pharma grade sounds like they are just mining it out of the Earth, and doing nothing to process it to make it fit for human consumption. Without treatment, zeolite proper processing zeolite can have contaminants, and be riddled with bacteria and mold.


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