Meet the Zeolite Expert

Zeolite Expert

Meet Micah Portney, The Zeolite Expert.  In 1998 he recognized an untapped natural resource for health benefits and began to research the science behind Zeolite technology.  By 1999 he had founded ZEO Health Ltd., the first Zeolite supplementation manufacturer in the United States and second in the world (by 2 months).  Micah spent countless amounts of time pioneering and educating people about the benefits of Zeolite supplements, many times going through painstaking lengths to explain Zeolite to skeptics.

In his quest, Micah has appeared on various news and radio programs including, but not limited to, FOX, CW Network, UPN, ABC Morning Show, National Geographic, Travel Channel, Oxygen Network, Documentary Channel, WCBS radio, 1010 WINS, LI News tonight, Kiss 98.5 – Buffalo, and News 1 New York.

Micah holds an Associate of Arts in Math and Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from State University of New York at Fredonia and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Psychology from Long Island University.

In addition to educating people about this beneficial mineral, Micah was a trailblazer to commercialize Zeolite supplements and get Zeolite products to be used by health practitioners as well as into distributors and stores.  Today the Zeolite supplements industry does more than $500,000,000 in revenue, largely because of Micah’s hard work and perseverance.  ZEO Health Ltd. has grown into a globally recognized brand.  Retail chains, health practitioners, and online stores worldwide distribute ZEO Health Ltd. Zeolite products.

Micah has worked with world renowned Zeolite scientists, geologists, medical experts and consultants in his quest to thoroughly understand the science behind Zeolite and its uses for health. Over 15 years of detailed understanding and knowledge about Zeolite supplementation has made him one of the most sought after experts on Zeolite supplementation in the world.

If you are looking to get started in the Zeolite supplementation industry, Micah is available for consultation.  He can work with you on customized formulation, private labeling, and supplying the best, most pure form of micronized Zeolite for manufacturing. His expertise is recognized as well as highly regarded by every Zeolite supplement manufacturer.

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