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Comparing the Detoxing Powers of Zeolite Supplements: Overview of a Clinical Study

Zeolite is a porous and very absorbent negatively charged mineral. I have been educating people for the past 15 years about the natural power this mineral has to attract a wide range heavy metals and toxins, and safely carry them out of the body. There have been scientific studies done on zeolite, but few done on its ability to cleanse the body of heavy metals.  Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, who regularly uses Zeolite Pure to treat patients for a range of illnesses, and admits to seeing great improvements in their health and well-being, wanted to know more about this mineral. Not satisfied with the amount of human studies on zeolite as a detoxifier and which brands were the best, he took it upon himself to look into what zeolite is capable of by conducting his own study. What he found is what I’ve been saying for years—the zeolite (clinoptilolite) I’ve been using in ZEO Health’s products is more potent and purest zeolite on the market, making it the most effective.

Study Design

In the spring of 2012, Dr. Karampahtsis was to test three popular zeolite health supplements: Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense (in liquid dropper form), Results RNA’s ACZ Nano Extra Strength (in liquid oral spray form), and our company’s Zeolite Pure (in powder form). The study was initially simple. His goal was to look at not only how effective zeolite was in removing twenty dangerous heavy metals from the body, but also to see how the each of the zeolite health supplements compared in doing so.

Before beginning the study, the twenty participants were each given a urine test to document how much metal was naturally excreted in their urine. We all have heavy metals in our body, and some of them are naturally excreted, but a majority of them become trapped in our cells and need help getting out. Dr. Karampahtsis made sure that all the participants had no particular issues with heavy metals, such as heavy metal poisoning, which could throw off the results. The twenty participants were each assigned one of the three products to use at the lowest dose (maintenance dose) suggested by each company for one full week.


At the end of the week, the patients were given another urine test to determine the amount of heavy metals that were excreted as a result of using the zeolite supplements. The participants who took Natural Cellular Defense and ACZ Nano had similar results. The both had a weak showing, but still excreted heavy metals; however, some metals stayed at the same excretion level or were lower than what was excreted during the initial urine tests, before any product was taken.

Although the liquid zeolite products showed to have limited detoxing abilities, Dr. Karampahtsis acknowledges that, “…Zeolite can be used in cases of lead, mercury or radiation poisoning to remove the harmful metals without further taxing the body.” Zeolite Pure proved to be the most effective. The results for our zeolite powder were quite astonishing, wherein significantly larger amounts of all twenty heavy metals were pulled out of the body—over double the amount for the majority of the metals.  The study outlined that Zeolite Pure is effective in pulling out ALL of the 20 toxic metals and has a higher propensity for certain metals, including Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Cesium, Gallium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Platinum, Thallium, Tin, and Tungsten.

Proven Most Effective: ZEO Health’s Zeolite

These results have proved two things: 1. That zeolite is in fact a natural form of chelation and does effectively pull heavy metals out of the body, and 2. That we use the proper amount of zeolite per dose, and is far more effective due to the potency and purity. Dr. Karampahtsis states, “We observed the fact that results were dependent on the preparation and that they were not equal among all of the zeolite preparations tested.” I have been saying this for years, and now, thanks to Dr. Karampahtsis, I finally have supporting clinical evidence.

Since Dr. Karampahtsis uses Zeolite Pure regularly, he wanted his own proof beyond a toxicology report that it is safe for his patients.  He continued his study for another three weeks. His goal this time was to test the safety of this product at its highest dosage of 15 grams a day, on all twenty participants. They were all given urine and blood tests at the end of the three weeks to evaluate the impact of long term usage.  The study established that there are NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS to zeolite, since only one person reported having issues with flatulence. Also, the zeolite in our products proved to be gentle on the kidney and liver.

I would like to thank Dr. Karampahtsis for making this study available for ZEO Health and our customers. His findings have now let everyone know that all clinoptilolite zeolite products are not the same.

Please click here to see the full study by Dr. Karampahtsis.


Micah Portney Launches Regal Supplements

Micah Portney made a name for himself by establishing the original zeolite health supplement company over 15 years ago. Now, Micah is taking on a new task by launching his new company, Regal Supplements.

Micah Portney and ZEO Health

Micah is known throughout the supplement industry as the “Zeolite Expert” because he spent almost four years researching and testing zeolite deposits all around the world until he found the purest, most potent source. Presently, ZEO Health is dominating the zeolite health supplement industry.  It is even supplying zeolite, and manufacturing products, for other zeolite supplement companies.

Regal Supplements

Now that Micah has conquered the zeolite industry, he is looking to expand beyond zeolite. To do this he established a new company, called Regal Supplements, which will carry all of ZEO Health’s products, in addition to a broader spectrum of health supplements.

What was his motivation for divulging further into the health supplement industry? Micah states, “I was an armature body builder for many years, and from that, I gained a lot of knowledge about supplements. After establishing and running ZEO Health for the past 15 years, I know so much more about the supplement industry and feel I am ready to take on another challenge. My customers give me a lot of feedback about what other products they would like to see, and I’ve taken this information and I’m now making it a reality through Regal Supplements. I want to provide people with a wide variety of high quality health supplements that go beyond just zeolite.”

“ZEO Health does one thing- zeolite, and does it well.  I wanted to preserve the ZEO Health brand while expanding into other areas of the supplement industry.  ZEO Health is still your trusted source for all things zeolite, from products to bulk zeolite to manufacturing, while Regal Supplements lets me cater to my customer’s needs in new ways.”

Regal Supplements’ Future Product Line

In addition to all of ZEO Health’s products, Regal Supplements has already been selling their own products including a liquid zeolite suspension, Zetox, for some time now. Recently a product  has been added to Regal Supplements’ product line is Knight’s Armor containing fulvic and humic acid. “This product has been long in the making,” says Micah. “ZEO Health’s customers have been asking for a  humic acid product without zeolite for a long time. I figured, let’s give them a potent, nutrient rich humic and fulvic blend.”

To round out Regal Supplements’ line of products many different areas of health will be addressed.  Some will focus on appetite suppression, digestive health, sports nutrition, and joint and bone care. Micah Portney assures, “We have numerous health categories listed on  As time goes by, we plan to continually add many more products to cover all of your health supplement needs.”   Remember, Regal Supplements will also be selling ZEO Health’s well-established product line, adding their own new products and will also be offering discounts for buying in bulk. Soon will become the one place to satisfy all your health supplement needs.


Ask the Zeolite Expert

People often have a lot of questions for Micah.  Here are a few of the most frequently ask questions about zeolite that Micah has answered over the years.

What led you to Zeolite?  How did you find out about it?

To start with, Zeolite is a silica-based volcanic ash that formed into a crystal over millions of years, and growing up I always had an interest in and a collection of rocks.  In college I was an amateur bodybuilder, staying fit and healthy was top priority.  However, I have a rare liver disorder called Dubin-Johnson’s syndrome.  This means that during my college years, hangovers would be twice as bad for me than anyone else.  Around this time I read an article written for CNN about the Chernobyl disaster.  It was about how they used Zeolite in food to remove radiation and essentially detox their bodies.  I realized Zeolite may be able to remove the toxins produced, when alcohol is metabolized, that cause the hangover. This peaked my interest from a mineral perspective as well as my healthy living goals.


How was Zeolite introduced into the market?

I was instrumental in getting Zeolite out on the market. I founded Zeolite supplementation in North America thorough ZEO Health.  Only one other company in the world had come on the market before me- and that was only by two months.  This other company has never developed their Zeolite processing further than they had at their initial launch. When I started manufacturing products in 1999, they were specifically for hangovers.  While the hangover product worked, I decided that I wanted to focus the company on Zeolite products that help people who need it, not those creating their own issues. Over the years the product line has further developed and I still continue to research and test new product formulations every year.


What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a silica-based volcanic ash (sand-like mineral) that forms over time.  It is a family of minerals, and some are even toxic to humans (this is why it is so important to know the company that you are buying from and their expertise on sourcing Zeolite properly).  Two have been shown to be beneficial to humans in scientific studies, Mordenite and Clinoptilolite.  Mordenite has a sharp crystal structure that has the potential to be harmful if used over periods of time.

Clinoptilolite has a smooth honeycomb cage structure that doesn’t have sharp edges and won’t damage any cells while travelling through the body. This is why I choose to use Clinoptilolite for Zeolite supplements.  It works as a magnet based on atomic weight to differentiate the good from the bad particles in the body.  If you have a minute you can read about it on ZEO Health’s website.


How did you know Zeolite could be beneficial to humans as a detox supplement?  In general, what does Zeolite do for you? 

As I said earlier, it was first used in the Chernobyl disaster to remove radiation from the area, people and animals. It was baked into cookies, and mixed into livestock feed.  The positive effects seen from ingesting Zeolite led me to years of painstaking research.  Having a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, I learned a lot about statistical analysis and research methods.  I worked extensively with geologists, doctors, other medical health experts, FDA experts, and companies that were already using Zeolite in cosmetics.  I then took the many different small pieces from each research outlet to fit a large puzzle of knowledge together in order to get the right formula for producing safe Zeolite supplements.

What I’ve found is that Zeolite is a mineral with a negatively charged cage-like structure that doesn’t metabolize in the body, meaning it doesn’t dissolve or get broken down by the digestive process.  It works as a magnet based on the atomic weight of the heavy metals to differentiate the good from the bad substances in your body.  It also goes through a cation exchange, swapping calcium (that we preload in the Zeolite) with heavy metals and toxins, and traps them inside the structure.  This renders the toxins unavailable for reabsorption and expels them through the normal body process.  It circulates in the body for 6-8 hours before it is excreted.


Why do we need to detox?

Our bodies seek to balance themselves.  In order to do that they store toxins in fat cells to keep them from interacting with the body any further.  Your Immune System can be compromised by toxins and heavy metals clogging up your cells and not allowing them to absorb essential nutrients.  This means your body can’t fight infections as easily because it is too busy fighting the toxins.  Toxicity shows up in different ways in different people. Detoxing is the first process in feeling well and the foundation of getting healthy.

Detox by “regular” methods will cause a healing crisis because these methods don’t trap the toxins; this allows them to be reintroduced into the body all at once as they are pulled out of the cells.  This creates a situation where the body reacts with overwhelming side effects which are the same as heavy metal poisoning.  Zeolite is a chelating agent, that doesn’t flood the body with toxins through a healing crisis.  Removing toxins, not just from the blood, but as well as your gut create the whole body detox.  Your gut controls 70% of your Immune System which is why it is so important to take care of it and remove the toxins that have built up over years.  By using Zeolite daily it can balance your body’s pH, boost your immune system and increases alkalinity to achieve the balance your body is seeking


What was it about Zeolite that made you want to pursue starting a business based on it?  Why did you start ZEO Health?

I started ZEO Health to help people feel well.  The first step to feeling healthy is detoxing your body from toxins.  Since toxicity shows up differently in individuals, it is important to remove the toxins first.  Then your body can fight foreign substances with a healthy, properly functioning immune system.  Zeolite can help you achieve this goal.
Anyone looking to feel better should always look at the “end benefit” of a product before you decide if it’s worth it.  Not just the initial upfront cost, but the best quality, and effectiveness for the cost over a long period.  You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars and countless months using an ineffective product.   My Zeolite products will help you create a foundation for healing and health.


Have there been any studies done on the effectiveness of Zeolite?  Can you describe them and their findings?

Yes, many have been published in the US National Library of Science.  There have also been toxicology studies, independent testing as well as ones that were FDA Protocol-based studies. All of these studies were that have been done are based on the micronized powdered form of Zeolite. Most importantly, there was a study done in 2012 by Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis. In this study, our Zeolite Pure product, which is the same Zeolite used in all our detox products, was found to be more pure, potent, and powerful than other popular brands on the market. This study also confirmed that Zeolite will detox heavy metals and radioactive materials from the body. Overall, all the above mentioned studies found that taking Zeolite over a long period of time is not harmful to your system.

In another study, it was established that an amount of Zeolite that is equivalent to eating a whole canister of Zeolite PURE (powdered Zeolite) in one sitting had no adverse effects on the body and was completely non- toxic.  The study done on effectiveness showed that 4-10g of Zeolite a day is what is needed for proper detox.  The FDA Protocol-based study was done when I introduced Zeolite as a health supplement.  It was to show what happens if Zeolite is ingested.  The Zeolite sat in a solution that mimicked stomach acid over a period of time that would be longer than the body would keep it in the stomach.  This study showed no negative effects, proving that it was non-toxic to the body and safe to ingest.


Why is it so important that people take Zeolite as a daily supplement?  Do you?  Does your family?

I use Zeolite, my family, my friends and my employees use it.  We are dedicated to manufacturing safe and effective products for us as well as the consumers.

Since your body seeks to always balance itself, having toxins stored in fat cells take up valuable room and doesn’t allow your body to obtain this balance.  Removing the toxins not only allows your Immune System to work more efficiently, it allows you to release the fat stores and expel waste properly.  The benefit for taking Zeolite is that these toxins won’t be reintroduced into your system and your Immune System can work properly helping you feel your best.


How do people usually find out about Zeolite and what it can do for them?

The current medical system is focused on treating the symptoms of an illness, often times instead of preventing the illness.  Zeolite is usually introduced to someone by word of mouth after they have exhausted all of the “normal” means of managing their symptoms without the desired results.  Typically when people feel better they speak highly of whatever made it happen.  This is the foundation of our business. My company ZEO Health does almost no advertising. All of our business has been word of mouth and we continue to grow in double digit growth every year.


Where can people purchase your Zeolite products?

We sell wholesale to brick and mortar stores, internet retailers, and through many health practitioners, but the best way is through our website, and you can visit for additional Zeolite based products and other unique supplements that we have created.  There you can find all the information for you to feel confident about our products.


Do you make any other type of health supplements?

Yes. In the past, we have mainly focused on the one thing we know a lot about- Zeolite.  The launching of Regal Supplements has allowed us to explore and create other unique, natural supplements that cannot be found anywhere else. Some are Zeolite based, while others are not. Our main focus for Regal  Supplements is to create products with the highest quality ingredients, with a high standard of efficacy.


What obstacles have you overcome to get to this point in your career?

It was an uphill battle with doctors and skeptics to exhaustively explain the benefits of Zeolite.  They did not believe that a mineral that they never heard of before was so beneficial. There is also a nightmare of misinformation out there that is difficult for a “lay-person” to understand because of unscrupulous characters.  Multilevel Marketing (MLM) companies have created a false importance to the catchy phrases and misinformation that they print instead of creating a real importance of the benefits of pure micronized Zeolite.  The FDA is also an obstacle for any supplement company.  They restrict the terms we can use and the health claims that we can make, even if they have been proven in studies.


What makes your company superior to other Zeolite manufacturers?

We don’t use Multilevel Marketing (MLM) to saturate the market with inferior products and misinformation.  Our main focus is not on making billions of dollars but educating people and helping them feel better with high quality products.
I spent over 3 years testing samples from Zeolite mines from all over the world to find the purist source of Zeolite. It is mined and processed specifically for human consumption.  I have worked with the former head of Geology from Princeton University, doctors, scientists, and mineralogists to find out more about the qualities and safety of Zeolite.  We don’t use commercial grade Zeolite in our products.  We use pharmaceutical grade Zeolite which is micronized, not milled.


What is the difference between commercial and pharmaceutical grade Zeolite?

There are two ways to process Zeolite powder: milling and micronizing.  Most Zeolite is mined and milled for commercial use, such as cat litter, air filters, cement filler, drinking water filtration and pool filters.  Milling is done at the mine where they pulverize the Zeolite into a powder.  This risks breaking the cage structure, doesn’t remove impurities and won’t produce a small enough particle to enter the blood stream.

Micronizing (or micronization) is an important aspect of Zeolite supplementation; it is needed for the best absorption.  It slices the Zeolite into smaller pieces and keeps the structure in-tact.  This increases the surface area to better be able to attract toxins and heavy metals.  The particles can’t be too large or too small or they won’t work properly.  Micronization is an expensive process so many companies use milled powder in their supplements.  These products may contain different colors or odd odors.  Zeolite is naturally off-white or greyish in color.  Commercial grade Zeolite isn’t made to be ingested so it isn’t tested for pollutants or impurities.  Natural variations in each mine are due to other elements/minerals that are found in the ground along with the Zeolite.  The mining establishment is only paid to extract and/or mill the Zeolite.  They don’t care what it’s exposed to or what other chemicals are in it because they don’t get paid to test it and it isn’t meant for human consumption.  For example, if it’s green in color, most likely there is copper present, it could also be contaminated with industrial run-off that leeched into the ground around the mine.  There is any number of reasons for impurities, which is why ZEO Health products are made with Zeolite mined at a location that is the purist, and specifically mined and processed for human consumption (and a proprietary secret location).

Zeolite is a relatively inexpensive ingredient to start with, but the process to micronize it can be costly.  Some companies sell liquid products that may contain micronized Zeolite but are part of an MLM company (essentially a pyramid scheme) where many people profit off of one bottle.  Their product costs pennies on the dollar to produce because there is so little Zeolite in them yet their markup is astronomical to pay each level of the pyramid.  Many companies use commercial grade Zeolite in their products in order to cut costs and sell the powdered form or capsule form very inexpensively.  With these products you aren’t getting the benefits of the micronized powder and you are ingesting Zeolite that was made for cat litter. Whether this is intentional by the manufacturer to save money, or they just don’t have the knowledge about how to source Zeolite properly, you are still getting an inferior and possibly dangerous product.


Has your product line changed much over the years?

At first I marketed a hangover cure.  Then the focus shifted to products for detox rather than hangovers to help people with real health issues, rather than self-induced ones.  I started the detox line with 1 product and 1 label, making many skeptical and viewing it as a “snake oil” product.  I then separated that one product into different formulations according to what the product was going to be used for.

I currently use a spectrum of different sized (but still micronized) particles of Zeolite because full detox isn’t only removing toxins from the blood or the gut.  It’s a mixture of both.  However, if the particles are too small, the toxins are too big to be trapped and if the particles are too big then they don’t have enough surface area to attract a lot of toxins.


What frustrates you most about the Zeolite supplement industry?

People, who use inferior products that are not mined, processed or cleaned correctly.  The FDA doesn’t recognize the difference between commercial grade and pharmaceutical grade (micronized) Zeolite.  Either one can be placed into the supplement.  The raw, commercial grade Zeolite cannot enter your blood stream to work to remove toxins and often times it is not pure or cleaned before manufacturing.  Many copycat companies try to mimic my products but don’t understand what is needed to source and process Zeolite in order to produce a safe, high quality Zeolite product.  They aren’t specialist and they accept misinformation from other copycat companies already producing low quality products, thus creating cycle of bad products.


Where do you mine your Zeolite?

I’m not going to give away my trade secret!  What I will tell you is that 15 years ago, I did over three years of research and testing samples from mines all over the world to find the right mine with the purist form of clinoptilolite Zeolite.  It is mined and processed specifically for human consumption.  Also, I must stress that it is not commercial grade and isn’t milled. We continue to have one of the only companies with a strong quality control process to ensure that we continue to have the best Zeolite on Earth.


Is there a secret or “magical” cleaning process that Zeolite needs to go through before it can be consumed?

Some companies claim to have inside information on a “magical” or secret process for cleaning Zeolite.  This isn’t true.  Anyone who has worked at a water filtration plant that utilizes Zeolite knows the process for cleaning Zeolite.  There isn’t any big secret and it isn’t hard to find out with a little research.

Do all companies clean their Zeolite this way?  No.  Companies that aren’t specialists in Zeolite don’t have the resources, or don’t have the desire to find out how, or they just don’t want to spend money to mine and clean it properly.  They use this unclean, commercial grade Zeolite in their products.  Some may claim to clean it but that doesn’t mean that they are actually doing it.


Since your Zeolite is the purest on the market and your mines are a “trade secret,” could other Zeolite manufacturing companies buy it in bulk directly from ZEO Health?

Yes, I supply my pure Zeolite powder to many companies that manufacture their own products


Doesn’t that compete with your own products? 

It isn’t about the money; it’s about supplying the customers with the purist Zeolite and keeping the dangerous or harmful Zeolite out of the supplement industry as well as spreading the correct information about Zeolite’s health benefits.


What if someone wanted to formulate their own Zeolite product, could you help with that?  What about the manufacturing and labeling of the product?

I can help with all of that.  I have worked with multiple companies to formulate new products using my raw powdered Zeolite.  I have even designed new labels for other companies that we manufacture for to help them look more professional and better compete in the industry.


Why do you think your competitors envy you and your products?

They make money off of my research and the studies based on my product.  Yet still use products that are ineffective, with different forms of Zeolite than the one in the study.  When their customers find out, they ultimately switch to our products based on trust and effectiveness.


Why are your products the best on the market?

To best explain this, I liken it to comparing spring vs. swamp water.  If you drink either one you are still drinking “water.”  But which would you rather ingest?  The same goes for the Zeolite I provide.  I equate it to the “spring water” of Zeolite.  It is processed and cleaned to be the purist form available.  You can ingest other Zeolite, but you can’t be sure of what else is in it.

Our mining and cleaning process is the most advanced in the world, producing the purist Zeolite that is micronized so it can enter the blood stream. We don’t use commercial grade Zeolite in our product.  Also, the efficacy study was done with my product, Zeolite PURE.  While the Zeolite is detoxing and boosting the Immune System, our ZEO Health products then replace the toxins with beneficial vitamins and other ingredients like humic acid, calcium, and B12.


Compared to other companies, your prices are fair and reasonable.  How do you determine the cost of your products?

They are proportional to the quality of Zeolite and the amount you get in each serving.  I believe that people in pain shouldn’t have their wallets suffer also. Even as our costs for manufacturing have increased, we have not increased our pricing in 15 years.


How can ZEO Health keep selling products so inexpensively? 

It may seem inexpensive compared to other companies, but without the markup from being a pyramid scheme style company we can pass the “savings” along to the customer.  We are a referral based business so our focus is on providing a great product, with great value, that will improve the health of our customers so they will keep coming back.


What advice do you have for people looking to incorporate Zeolite into their daily routine?

There are many ways to ingest Zeolite.  Powdered form is the best for maximum dosage but capsules are easier to take.  You can mix it up if you need to, take capsules in the morning and mix the powder in a smoothie or even cookies in the evening.  You just have to see what works best to fit it into your daily routine.


Are there any downsides to taking Zeolite?

Taking pure, micronized clinoptilolite Zeolite has no downsides.  There are no known interactions and you can be on Zeolite indefinitely.  The only medications that may be less effective while taking Zeolite are heavy metal based medications like lithium. Some people experience bloating when they first start taking Zeolite but if they reduce their intake and start with a smaller dose, the bloating usually subsides and they can work their way back up to the full dose.  Since every individual is different, not every product will work the same for everyone.  This is even the case with medications you receive from the doctor- penicillin is helpful to many but other people are dangerously allergic, it’s just a fact of nature.  However, with Zeolite if you don’t take the pure micronized Zeolite, you can wind up with other health issues and none of the benefits of the Zeolite.


Since starting ZEO Health, what is it about this mineral that keeps you motivated? 

Hearing the testimonials from people who have used the products is what keeps me motivated.


Is there one story from a customer that stands out in your mind?

I do have one story that stands out above all the others about a man who had become bedridden by an illness (one that the FDA won’t let me mention).  He exhausted all of the traditional methods of modern medicine and ultimately could not participate in his own life.  After taking our Zeolite product, he started to feel better and eat regularly again.  He eventually became strong enough to enjoy everyday activities like taking walks with his son.  Amazing stories like these are powerful enough to let me know that I am doing the right thing and this allows me to overcome any negative aspects of the business.


How have doctor’s reactions to Zeolite changed over the years?

At first when I would try to explain the benefits of Zeolite to doctors, I was shown the front door.  Now they have seen the trend rising, read the studies and witnessed the beneficial qualities Zeolite has to offer.  Many now even endorse my products.


You say the Zeolite supplement industry has grown to over half a billion dollar industry.  Why do you think it’s boomed over the last few years?

Not to toot my own horn, but they don’t call me the Zeolite expert for nothing!  I have been very influential in the Zeolite supplement industry.  I pioneered Zeolite supplementation over 15 years ago and thanks to my research and determination it has grown from an unknown market to a multimillion dollar industry.  While I do not like Multilevel Marketing companies, and believe that they have caused harm with misinformation, I can credit them with bringing more awareness to the industry. I consider myself a fair person and always give credit where it is due.


Do you see Zeolite becoming more main stream in the marketplace?  How do you envision it happening?

Yes, if people are well educated about what Zeolite can do, how much to take, and which products to stay away from.  Then I can definitely see Zeolite easily becoming as popular as probiotics have over the last three years.


How do you handle the negative publicity caused by companies making products that are essentially scams?  How can consumers protect themselves from these unscrupulous companies?

It frustrates me to no end to hear of companies that have used commercial grade Zeolite in their products or haven’t done the proper research to know what’s safe and effective or use only 1/10th of the amount they claim in the bottle.  I have written white papers on the subject and even blogged about it on my website.  I am constantly on the phone with competitor’s unhappy customers calling for answers.  I try to remain calm and explain to them that they were ill informed about the facts by the other companies and should still continue taking (the right) Zeolite because of the health benefits.  But I also try to educate them in the manufacturing process that is required in order to obtain the right form of Zeolite that is safe and effective.  People should always do their research before introducing a new supplement into their system, just as they would do for any medication.


Now for the dreaded Liquid v. Powder debate.  What is your stance on it?  Has your opinion changed over the years?

There is really no difference between powder and liquid Zeolite products–now.
In the past, there was a man named Harvey Kaufman, he patented a process for liquefying Zeolite, using pure HCL and intense heat.  That process reduced the Zeolite to a pool of chemicals that didn’t keep any of the properties of the original Zeolite.  Harvey never claimed that it was still Zeolite after this process or that it was ingestible.  Knowing the health benefits of Zeolite (specifically with cancer), Harvey was trying to create an injectable drug which could be administered directly into tumors. He had all the good intentions in the world to help sick people. However, an MLM took the patent, licensed it, and, using the powdered Zeolite study findings, marketed it as “Liquid Zeolite.”

All current liquid Zeolite companies use a suspension of Zeolite powder in some liquid solution.  However, you probably aren’t getting enough Zeolite to be effective with most products, since they use such small amounts.  The liquid may be beneficial with vitamins or Humic acid, but most liquid products companies dose of Zeolite still isn’t enough.  You would need to consume many bottles a day of some liquid products to achieve the effectiveness stated in the study.

Just like using powdered Zeolite in a capsule, using it in a liquid is just a different delivery system. It is all about convenience. While our Zeolite Pure powder is still the most economical, I created a Zeolite suspension called Zetox which has the most amount of Zeolite of any liquid product on the market. This product is convenient for those who don’t want to mix anything and have quick access. It has a flavor that kids love and it is easy to give to children and the elderly. It is formulated with supportive vitamins which work well with the Zeolite. While it doesn’t have as much Zeolite as the Zeolite Pure bulk powder or capsule products we manufacture, I am happy for people to be able to try Zeolite and use it on a daily basis with Zetox.


Any last thoughts you want to share about yourself, Zeolite or the supplement industry?

Always look at the “end benefit” of taking Zeolite products- the best bang for your buck. I’m not only talking money, I’m talking about your overall long-term health goals.  If you are trying to save money you could get a less effective product or one that is harmful, then you wind up spending more money, time, and energy in the long run.  If you do your research then you can start off on the right foot and experience the end benefits sooner and ultimately much more cost effectively.


Have you got any questions for Micah?  Use the comments area below.