Comparing the Detoxing Powers of Zeolite Supplements: Overview of a Clinical Study

Zeolite is a porous and very absorbent negatively charged mineral. I have been educating people for the past 15 years about the natural power this mineral has to attract a wide range heavy metals and toxins, and safely carry them out of the body. There have been scientific studies done on zeolite, but few done on its ability to cleanse the body of heavy metals.  Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, who regularly uses Zeolite Pure to treat patients for a range of illnesses, and admits to seeing great improvements in their health and well-being, wanted to know more about this mineral. Not satisfied with the amount of human studies on zeolite as a detoxifier and which brands were the best, he took it upon himself to look into what zeolite is capable of by conducting his own study. What he found is what I’ve been saying for years—the zeolite (clinoptilolite) I’ve been using in ZEO Health’s products is more potent and purest zeolite on the market, making it the most effective.

Study Design

In the spring of 2012, Dr. Karampahtsis was to test three popular zeolite health supplements: Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense (in liquid dropper form), Results RNA’s ACZ Nano Extra Strength (in liquid oral spray form), and our company’s Zeolite Pure (in powder form). The study was initially simple. His goal was to look at not only how effective zeolite was in removing twenty dangerous heavy metals from the body, but also to see how the each of the zeolite health supplements compared in doing so.

Before beginning the study, the twenty participants were each given a urine test to document how much metal was naturally excreted in their urine. We all have heavy metals in our body, and some of them are naturally excreted, but a majority of them become trapped in our cells and need help getting out. Dr. Karampahtsis made sure that all the participants had no particular issues with heavy metals, such as heavy metal poisoning, which could throw off the results. The twenty participants were each assigned one of the three products to use at the lowest dose (maintenance dose) suggested by each company for one full week.


At the end of the week, the patients were given another urine test to determine the amount of heavy metals that were excreted as a result of using the zeolite supplements. The participants who took Natural Cellular Defense and ACZ Nano had similar results. The both had a weak showing, but still excreted heavy metals; however, some metals stayed at the same excretion level or were lower than what was excreted during the initial urine tests, before any product was taken.

Although the liquid zeolite products showed to have limited detoxing abilities, Dr. Karampahtsis acknowledges that, “…Zeolite can be used in cases of lead, mercury or radiation poisoning to remove the harmful metals without further taxing the body.” Zeolite Pure proved to be the most effective. The results for our zeolite powder were quite astonishing, wherein significantly larger amounts of all twenty heavy metals were pulled out of the body—over double the amount for the majority of the metals.  The study outlined that Zeolite Pure is effective in pulling out ALL of the 20 toxic metals and has a higher propensity for certain metals, including Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Cesium, Gallium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Platinum, Thallium, Tin, and Tungsten.

Proven Most Effective: ZEO Health’s Zeolite

These results have proved two things: 1. That zeolite is in fact a natural form of chelation and does effectively pull heavy metals out of the body, and 2. That we use the proper amount of zeolite per dose, and is far more effective due to the potency and purity. Dr. Karampahtsis states, “We observed the fact that results were dependent on the preparation and that they were not equal among all of the zeolite preparations tested.” I have been saying this for years, and now, thanks to Dr. Karampahtsis, I finally have supporting clinical evidence.

Since Dr. Karampahtsis uses Zeolite Pure regularly, he wanted his own proof beyond a toxicology report that it is safe for his patients.  He continued his study for another three weeks. His goal this time was to test the safety of this product at its highest dosage of 15 grams a day, on all twenty participants. They were all given urine and blood tests at the end of the three weeks to evaluate the impact of long term usage.  The study established that there are NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS to zeolite, since only one person reported having issues with flatulence. Also, the zeolite in our products proved to be gentle on the kidney and liver.

I would like to thank Dr. Karampahtsis for making this study available for ZEO Health and our customers. His findings have now let everyone know that all clinoptilolite zeolite products are not the same.

Please click here to see the full study by Dr. Karampahtsis.


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