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Micah Portney Launches Regal Supplements

Micah Portney made a name for himself by establishing the original zeolite health supplement company over 15 years ago. Now, Micah is taking on a new task by launching his new company, Regal Supplements.

Micah Portney and ZEO Health

Micah is known throughout the supplement industry as the “Zeolite Expert” because he spent almost four years researching and testing zeolite deposits all around the world until he found the purest, most potent source. Presently, ZEO Health is dominating the zeolite health supplement industry.  It is even supplying zeolite, and manufacturing products, for other zeolite supplement companies.

Regal Supplements

Now that Micah has conquered the zeolite industry, he is looking to expand beyond zeolite. To do this he established a new company, called Regal Supplements, which will carry all of ZEO Health’s products, in addition to a broader spectrum of health supplements.

What was his motivation for divulging further into the health supplement industry? Micah states, “I was an armature body builder for many years, and from that, I gained a lot of knowledge about supplements. After establishing and running ZEO Health for the past 15 years, I know so much more about the supplement industry and feel I am ready to take on another challenge. My customers give me a lot of feedback about what other products they would like to see, and I’ve taken this information and I’m now making it a reality through Regal Supplements. I want to provide people with a wide variety of high quality health supplements that go beyond just zeolite.”

“ZEO Health does one thing- zeolite, and does it well.  I wanted to preserve the ZEO Health brand while expanding into other areas of the supplement industry.  ZEO Health is still your trusted source for all things zeolite, from products to bulk zeolite to manufacturing, while Regal Supplements lets me cater to my customer’s needs in new ways.”

Regal Supplements’ Future Product Line

In addition to all of ZEO Health’s products, Regal Supplements has already been selling their own products including a liquid zeolite suspension, Zetox, for some time now. Recently a product  has been added to Regal Supplements’ product line is Knight’s Armor containing fulvic and humic acid. “This product has been long in the making,” says Micah. “ZEO Health’s customers have been asking for a  humic acid product without zeolite for a long time. I figured, let’s give them a potent, nutrient rich humic and fulvic blend.”

To round out Regal Supplements’ line of products many different areas of health will be addressed.  Some will focus on appetite suppression, digestive health, sports nutrition, and joint and bone care. Micah Portney assures, “We have numerous health categories listed on RegalSupplements.com.  As time goes by, we plan to continually add many more products to cover all of your health supplement needs.”   Remember, Regal Supplements will also be selling ZEO Health’s well-established product line, adding their own new products and will also be offering discounts for buying in bulk. Soon RegalSupplements.com will become the one place to satisfy all your health supplement needs.